Super fun things to do during Pregnancy

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Hey, you just came to know you are pregnant. Woo Hoo! Congratulations! While you are just freaking out in happiness, here are some fun things to do as you wait to meet your new baby.

1.    Take yourself on a date
There is no rule that you need to have a partner to go on date.  You can even go on a date all by yourself..! Get a reservation done at your favourite restaurant and treat yourself with some culinary pleasures. Order your favourite biryani, pudding, pasta, mutton stew, soups, dessert etc or anything you really love to eat. Go for a movie or listen to some live music after your meal. It will be a new and an exciting way to pamper yourself, and to make you feel empowered.
However, if you are running tight on cash, go to your favourite online recipe resource or your most desired culinary book, and cook or bake your way to a delicious meal.  It is for sure that you will always remember this awesome moment forever in your life. 

2.    Shop for maternity clothes

Who says a pregnant woman cannot rock in some new clothes, or any sexy ones for that matter? Go have some fun. Head to your favourite store, and buy yourself something pretty. The basic idea is to have fun, and enjoy your pregnant body. Be bold and fierce, and understand that under your maternity clothes you are all diva.

Nine Maternity Wear is one such online shopping destination exquisitely designed for the mom to be. You can easily find a wide range of comfortable maternity wear such as tunics, tops and tees, shirts, shorts, sleepwear, etc that can look amazing with your baby bump.  Moreover, Nine Maternity Wear allows you to be a real fashionista mama and set a trend in your social circle.

3.    Switch on to gentle exercise regimen 

Pregnancy is a great time for moms-to-be to focus on their bodies and start an exercise program. Just pick your favourite yoga wear or any suitable maternity clothing from the market and start your regimen. Whether you just go for a daily walk or join a prenatal yoga class, your body and baby will surely benefit plenty. Moreover, you will get an amazing feeling after you do your exercise, thus helping you to stay in a good mood throughout the day.

4.    Read for fun

Like any other good mom-to-be, you want all the info you can get by reading. Pick up a novel or a magazine that's just plain fun. You can also go online and read some new articles to alter your mood, here the point is to truly relax and escape from the stress for a while. However, do not overdo it. Take a break whenever you feel like. 

5.    Go for a spa

Take a little time, and treat yourself with a spa to ease those pains and aches. These days there are many spas offering packages just for pregnant women. However, whether you get a prenatal massage or a facial, you are bound to emerge a feeling that is simply heaven on earth.

Note: Remember to check if your spa-consultant is trained in pregnancy spa treatments, as regular spa is not suitable as you grow your little one.

6.    Do something classy with your female friends who are also expecting a baby

You can go for a pottery, knitting, or even a one-day seminar at a nearby museum or art gallery, whatever you think would be a good time. While you are learning something new, you can enjoy the company of your female friends together and share your experiences about your pregnancy phase.

7.    Take lots of pictures
It is fun to take many pictures during pregnancy. You can do weekly pictures or monthly pictures. Alternatively, ask your spouse to take pictures of your growing belly every month or once every trimester. It will be wonderful to share these with your child when he or she grows up. 

8.    Spend quality time with your spouse and family members

This is the best phase of your life, so try to share this time with your spouse and other family members. Discuss your experiences and feelings with your spouse, your mother and your mother-in-law as well.  They will surely understand your feelings and will always try to keep you happy in whatever way they can. 


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