Nutritional Tips –You (and your baby) Are What You Eat

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Motherhood starts with good news that it is perfect time to satiate all your food cravings.

This is one time you don't have to worry and keep a close guard on the numbers displayed on your weighing machine.While extra consumption of food is obvious as you are eating for two it is important time to be extra cautious on what you consume.


As the pregnancy starts you may wonder about not noticing anything much different in body reactions.

For instance, some women don't have strong nauseas and morning sickness,which is, perfectly normal.Your nasal senses grow very sharp and that could result in losing appetite for food.

In the beginning days,appetite develops in its pace.If you are diet conscious woman,you have to try to adjust the mindset and eat guilt free.It is also important that when you give in to your cravings you also find nutritional factors in your and your baby's food intake.

During pregnancy, monitoring your eating habits and adapting to healthier one helps.

Include calcium contents (milk), iron and folic acid (green veggies), digestive food (multigrain, fibers) which are recommended by every dietician.

Pregnancy cravings are no excuse for gorging on unhygienic junk food. The flour (maida) products should be avoided While fruits are natural source of vitamin you have to be careful about the heat created in body by fruits like jackfruit, mango and pineapple should be very limitedly consumed whereas Papaya should be avoided altogether that is known to create pregnancy complications.

Good water intake and proper gaps in meals are very necessary.Try avoiding large time gaps in two meals or skipping any of the meals for any reason.

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