Motherhood & The Mind – Body Connection

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Expectant Motherhood….a time of happiness teemed with anxiety! The degree of anxiety will vary between the first time mom-to-be and the experienced ones, but each will experience it all the same.

The first rule in pregnancy is “Keep Calm”.


You will hear this umpteen number of times from your doctor, your mom, mom-in-law and anyone and everyone you meet - “Don’t take stress, Be at ease.”

Though it may get to a point of irritation….Pay heed…these are words of wisdom.


The mind plays an integral role in our well-being. Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act. This is called the “mind/body connection.”  This connection is very critical during pregnancy as all that we do during this period directly or indirectly affects our baby.

During pregnancy, the intake of medicines has be minimal….and therefore it is very critical that you keep yourself de-stressed and have a positive frame of mind throughout your NINE months and of course thereafter.


Some of the following ways that will help to improve your emotional health:


    Meditation and yoga

    Regular exercise

    Taking up a hobby

    Listening  to music

    Sharing your feelings with dear ones




Whatever options you may choose to Keep Calm and Relax… It’s important to tell yourself that 


For all to be well…YOU have to be well.


So think good, do good, feel good!


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