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A scarf is also known as a neck wrap or a muffler. It’s a piece of fabric worn around the head, neck, or around the waistline. They come in different colours and are made of wool, pashmina, or silk. However pure hand-knitted scarfs are always in great demand.  

Changing Trends

By the end of the 20th century, scarfs became a real fashion statement for both women and men. Celebrities have further made this clothing more trendy and popular, by endorsing them and using them as props on different occasions. Its popularity has further led to the growth of many fashionable boutiques - that sell scarfs of different variety.


How are Scarfs used?

Different people from different parts of the world wear scarfs depending on their style and needs. People living in the colder regions often wear thick knitted scarfs around their neck to keep them warm. While in places where the climate is warm, dry and dusty, a scarf is used as a headgear, a face cover, or a bandanna to protect the eyes, nose and hair from polluted air.
Other benefits of Scarf during Maternity and Post Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, or once your baby is delivered, your body changes so drastically that it often leaves you feeling uncomfortable and less confident about the clothes you wear. However by just using a great scarf around, you can overcome those uncomfortable situations, with great easy. Moreover it will allow you to carry out a positive parenting mood wherever you go.

Here’s how a scarf can benefit you: 

•    More than just normal clothing, this magical scarf adds an extra element of style to your maternity wardrobe. Just place around your neck, double loop and wear as an accessory, while you flaunt your baby bump.
•    You can also use it as a feeding scarf while nursing your baby. Without any confusing wrapping techniques or buckles, this scarf is very comfortable to handle and allows you to maintain an eye contact with the baby while feeding.
•    Scarfs are very lightweight. Whatever be the size of the scarf, it can be easily folded to fit into your baby-care kit. Whenever you require, just unwrap one fold and drape it over your shoulder.
•    Unlike, any other maternity clothes, a scarf is very cheap and reasonable in cost. Be it any design or style, you can always buy the most beautiful pattern for yourself and for the baby, at a very decent price range.

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