Maternity Fashion: How to Dress for your Trimester

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You are pregnant! Congratulations!! You probably have long to-do list right now. Right from announcing the good news to your close friends and relatives, scheduling regular appointments with your doctor, buying tons of food items that you just can't stop craving, to shopping for your maternity wear. 
However, when it comes to dressing during pregnancy, comfort and style is the key. However, clothes that perfectly flatter your curves during the first trimester may not be comfortable during the second and the third trimester. Therefore, here are a few tips on how to dress for each trimester. 

First trimester

During the first trimester of your pregnancy, you tend to employ the fashion camouflage technique the most because you are not telling everyone about your little secret yet.  Here are some good tips on how to hide your rapidly expanding tummy, with some pretty looking maternity clothes.

•    Wearing a loose or long fitting dress or skirt gives you breathing room in the middle.  Going one size bigger in your clothing is also a great option.
•    Empire waist / swingy tops, a trapeze top, banded-waist tops,   also have the same effect while keeping you stylish. 
•    Also, try investing in some maternity pants and jeans, especially the ones from Nine Maternity Wear. They are extremely comfortable, and add grace to your personality. 

Nine maternity wear is a perfect online shopping destination for pregnant women. With a diverse range in designs and styles in maternity wear, this store inspires expecting mother to maintain their regular looks, trends and preferences in clothing throughout the nine months of pregnancy.

Second trimester

In that glorious second trimester, your bump is perfectly adorable and you have what they call the “glow.”  Therefore, it is best to invest in a few items that will grow with you.

•    Go for fitted stretchy dresses. The key to fitted dresses are the stretch and the bunch up on the sides of the dress, allowing enough fabric to stretch over your tummy.
•    Wrap up maternity dresses and skirts are a second trimester mamma’s secret weapon! They are stylish, comfortable and ultra-versatile, and the smart wrap ties let you adjust the fit as you grow. Moreover, they are perfect for play, work and casual wear. 
•    Dresses with adjustable belts are also very comfortable and trendy, and lets you stay relaxed with the kind of fit you need.

Third trimester

This is the time where you feel huge and bulky. Zippers, buttons and even waistbands look increasingly torturous. 
•    During this phase, try an Empire waist maxi dress – an ankle-length flowing knit dress that you can wear even after the baby has arrived. Added benefit: it's so easy – throw it on and you're good to go!
•    Find a big trench coat that you can wear on your dresses and tops. Just button up 1 or 2 and you are ready to go. A trench coat is a great way to finish things off with a piece you love.  Moreover, it keeps you protected and comfortable, wherever you go.


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