Maternity Leggings and Capris to make you look Chic and Stylish

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Pregnancy is the most important phase in a women’s life. It’s more about nurturing and pampering yourself, and living with a glow on your face for a better tomorrow.

This is why, when it comes to wearing maternity clothes, it’s very important that you be happy and confident in what you dress in. Because, your clothes reflect your mood, and your state of mind for the rest of the day.
But gone are the days when pregnant women had limited options in maternity wear.  With the changing world, maternity fashion has also changed for better. It is not what it used to be earlier. These days many pregnant women prefer wearing something that not only makes them feel comfortable, but something that will also make them look chic and fashionable. 
Maternity leggings and capris are the new trends in maternity fashion. They are classy looking fun clothes that add grace and charm on a women’s face.

Maternity leggings are typically full-length garments that cover the entire leg. Whereas, maternity capris is a little smaller in length and tends to gather up almost near the knee. These clothing’s are well designed, while keeping the cute little baby bump in mind. They are very much stretchable and help you adjust and fit your growing tummy very easily.

Must-have item in your pregnancy wardrobe

Both maternity capris as well as leggings are a must-have item in your pregnancy wardrobe. They are compromisingly chic, yet still comfortable and flattering. Be it any season, these are the best maternity dresses to get your body through.

Lets you spice up your wardrobe 

Leggings and capris do come it different colours and designs. It can easily be paired with tees, tank tops or a printed blouse. 
Here are some tips on how to wear them:

•    If you wear a fancy top, it can help play up your leggings or capris and make them look more fancy and appropriate.
•    To add a more chic look to your pregnancy, wear a customized jacket over a simple floral dress and pair it with a cotton leggings or capris.
•    You can even team your capris and leggings with different kinds of accessories, like an ankle chain, a toe ring or with some colourful slippers.

Small advice: Remember that you already have a lot going on within you when you are pregnant, so its best advised to go simple, and avoid layering too many clothes on you. This will keep you relaxed and composed the entire day.

Can be worn on multiple occasions

Maternity capris and leggings never let you be out of style. They are super fun and can be worn on different occasions. Whether you are attending a small family get-together, a dinner party or just planning to holiday near a beach, this super comfy clothes will just make you feel cool and stylish throughout the day.

Great for a work-out or a yoga session

If you are one of those fitness freak women, visiting a gym or a yoga session during your pregnancy, then capris or leggings are the best maternity wear for you.  Easy to stretch, easy to move about, these clothes will make your work-out session even more fun and exciting. 

From where should I buy maternity leggings and capris?

Are you one of those beautiful women enjoying the pregnancy phase and planning to buy some fashionable clothes that suit your tummy? Then just stop by 

Nine Maternity Wear is a fabulous online shopping destination offering pregnant women, the comfortable clothing they deserve. With just a few clicks, you can access to the latest trends being involved in the world of maternity fashion, at the comfort of your couch. 

This exquisitely designed online store will not only bring a smile on your face, but will also allow you celebrate the motherhood with great pleasure and joy. 

Stay Cool! Stay Stylish!


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