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Do's and Dont's

Do's and  Dont's Immunity is the biggest challenge of all during pregnancy. You need extra protection from the viruses and bacteria’s around which are always there but in other times combating them isn’t so tricky. Medicinal drugs are to be skeptically used during pregnancy. Due to limited dosage of medication fighting even simple flu isn’t easy. A small falling sick can turn into a major complication. Prevention is always better than cure but during pregnancy ‘always’ is very significant. Following are some important tips for you. 

Cleanliness is godliness. You will soon find yourself teaching this to your toddler in coming years. Right now is the time to practice what you intend to preach, especially the kitchen and home appliances that process your food. Again while you are thinking about cleaning your house please mind insecticides and pesticides. Be away from the place if you are getting it pest controlled.   Orderliness in surroundings will make life less hazardous. Keep daily needful things at arm’s length and accessible corners to avoid household accidents.   Check for the air and noise pollution level in areas you plan a day out. Avoid congested suffocating public places.   Exercising is indeed important but as guided by your doctors. Participating in sports is not advisable.   Normally radiation emitting areas like X-Ray room have caution notice for pregnant woman but you have to be careful in case somebody forgot to put one. Exposure to radiation can cause serious defects in unborn baby.   Smoking, drinking has to be strictly avoided and not just limited. Avoid being a passive smoker too. Limit the caffeine intake as too much caffeine can be perilous for the baby.   Raw foods like sushi or oysters haven’t been warned before as they weren’t so commonly available in India. Today, restaurants in metros offer choicest of international cuisines. However, during pregnancy, you should not consume raw meat or fish in any form. Raw eggs, uncooked sprouts, unpasteurized dairy products too are not for your distinctive nine months.   Canned, frozen and too much processed food isn’t advisable either. Even when they say no preservatives they have probably used limited acceptable preservation ingredients that are not very acceptable during pregnancy.

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