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Kate Winslet’s recent maternity photo-shoot for Vogue is the hot topic of discussion in the fashion industry. A heavily pregnant Kate looked gorgeous in fashionable maternity clothes. And through this she has subtly spread a message to all future bump-bearers across the world – who says pregnancy does not involve fashion?!

As a woman’s body undergoes rapid changes during pregnancy, it can be quite difficult to find the right kind of clothing in large sizes. While they are available in plenty, women often compromise on style and comfort. So, to solve those problems NINE, a brand for maternity wear, comes to the rescue. The brand’s pregnancy and post pregnancy clothes are designed to help women celebrate their changes with confidence. The aim of NINE is to help women look and feel great in clothes for pregnant women during the most special experience of their lives.


NINE’s collection of comfortable pregnant women clothes is aimed at pregnant women who look to maintain their regular style, trends and preferences in clothing throughout the nine months. The collection also includes styles that are designed to meet nursing requirements. It even includes formal dresses for pregnant women.


A constant question that plays on the mind of every mother-to-be is “what to wear in pregnancy?” Maternity wear is quite a niche category and not many know about the brands that sell good quality maternity wear. With an information overload on the Internet, it can be quite confusing when it comes to choosing the right clothes. So, it is important to firstly keep your personal style and comfort in mind. Besides for Indian conditions it is important to buy maternity clothes in cotton fabrics. Wearing good quality and comfortable fabrics will help in keeping the mood upbeat too. Also ensure that they have the right stretch and don’t look too body hugging.


NINE offers all of this and much more in both accessories and apparel. The brand has some really stylish evening dresses for pregnant women that can be worn for parties or functions. The brand’s creative director is Priya Bhave who developed the idea of a brand for maternity needs during her first pregnancy. NINE’s collection solves the dilemma of many women who wonder which pregnancy clothes to wear. The brand has been scaling new heights and has overcome the marketing challenges with ease thanks to its supreme quality. Today, it sells around 1000 pieces on a monthly basis.  So, make sure you enjoy your pregnancy in style with NINE’s offerings!

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