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I’m sitting in an office that is a perfect combination of traditional and contemporary look. Even at this afternoon hour there isn’t a dull moment here in the Design studio of Nine Maternity Wear in Mumbai.

I’m here for an interview with Priya Bhave, Director of The Shirt Company, who is the creative person behind ‘Nine Maternity Wear’ a new brand. It is taken for granted that most fashion people don’t look their age. But I find it difficult to believe that she is a mother of two boys.. because Priya Bhave comes across as a person, full of enthusiasm and curiosity. An unpretentious and vivacious personality, I gather that striking a conversation with Priya Bhave is going to be a spontaneous chit-chat this afternoon.

Has life changed after launching the new brand?

Yes it has...and HOW! This is like my third baby! Creating this new brand has brought about a tremendous change within our company. The goal which I had targetted was made possible by the combined efforts of the creative designers, merchandisers, the production team..and of course the constant support of my family! Everybody has been very instrumental in laying the foundation of 'Nine'.

How conscious are you when it comes to fashion?

It is obvious to have access to latest trends being involved in the fashion business but even then being comfortable is of utmost importance to me. I like mixing new trends with classic. Mixing High street wear with exclusive brands or self-designed ensembles keep me inspired. That’s what the new urban woman is looking for, to ensure that you are comfortable to accommodate with the daily hectic routine and still manage to look stylish.

Your motherhood has been inspiration behind Nine Maternity Wear. Tell us more about it
When Aryan was born I felt blessed and full of gratitude. As I saw the tiniest of hands, feet and face...my newborn…and it was like Oh My God!!! I still remember that day like it was yesterday… Now Aryan is 12 years old now and my younger son Arjun is 7 years old. I have two tornados in my house. Life could have been peaceful but lifeless without them. The idea for developing a brand for maternity wear was born during my first pregnancy. Back then maternity wears were not available other than at international brand shops located at distant places.I was lucky to able to make my clothing within my factory. Being from fashion industry it was difficult to compromise on clothes sometimes by choosing just an extra large size of whatever you liked which ill-fitted on other parts of the body. I never stopped thinking on introducing a brand on maternity wear but the question was when. Now the time is right and the market looks very promising for it.

So Nine has a big dream here……
Nine’s basics are clear. It is here for the pregnant women, to give them comfortable clothing and
be fashionable at the same time. They should be able to maintain their regular looks, trends and preferences in clothing throughout the nine months of pregnancy and beyond as most of the styles are designed to meet nursing requirements.

Our clothing should put a proud smile on their face; celebrate their pregnancy as they carry the new bundle of joy within them.
Surprisingly our apparel has been picked up by non pregnant women..Which is a great delight for us.
Speaking of dreams, In future I would like to see exquisitely designed stores for the mom to be…she should be able to have a comfortable experience in the stores. Obviously I wish the brand to grow much more popular by then. We also have plans to diversify into more product range such as lingerie, shoes and skin care products.

Can you give some tips here on pregnancy clothing, especially what one should wear according to occasions?
Yes..of course, why not? Basically, the clothing should be super comfy on the belly. Every new mom should have couple of t-shirts with the side ruching, maternity jeans, tights in basic colors, lounge pants & couple of easy fitted shirts to add on. Drapy fabrics, empire lines will wonderfully adorn the curvy belly. Dresses are the most easy ensembles to wear and be on your way. Maternity trousers for office wear with formal blouses designed with room for the tummy will enhance the natural glow. And don’t forget to accesorise! You can be really a Fashionista mama if you decide to and set trends in your social circle.
Nine Maternity Wear is manufactured & marketed by Shirt Company (I) Pvt Ltd.

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